Wishing Well Poems

Wording inspiration for your wishing well cards

Please feel free to alter the wording to suit your style & personality after copying/pasting.

More than just kisses so far we’ve shared,

Our home has been made with Love and Care,

Most things we need we’ve already got,

And in our home we can’t fit a lot!

A donation to our wishing well would be great,

But only if you wish to participate.

Soon you will hear our wedding bell,
As Friends and family wish us well.

Our household thoughts are not brand new,
We have twice the things we need for two.

Since we have our share of dishes and bedding,
We’re having instead a wishing well wedding.

But more important we ask of you,
your prayers of love and blessings too!

This wishing well is here today for family and friends. Take an
envelope, make a wish and please drop it in.

As it falls into the
well your wish, for the couple, will come true.

A token for the
couple, to help them begin, will be welcomed, too.
Please take the
time to make a wish before the day is through.

Now we are to be Mr & Mrs,
We don’t need a wedding list of dishes

We have two kettles, two toasters, two microwaves.
We require a house for which we have to save.

If you would like to give us a gift,
A cheque or vouchers would give us a lift.

We like to think of it as our ‘Wishing Well’
Which will be filled with your love, we can tell.

To save you looking, shopping or buying.
Here is an idea, we hope you like trying.

Come to our wedding, to wish us both well.
And bring this small sack, to throw in our wishing well.

Fill it with paper all colours will do,
gold is our favourite but silver will do.

Now that we have saved you, all of that fuss.
We hope you will come, and celebrate with us.

The tradition of the wishing well
used on the wedding day,
is here both for your money gifts
and for what you would like to say.

So please drop in a token of love
for this special Groom & Bride,
as they start their life together
to live forever side by side.

If you were thinking of giving a gift
to help us on our way.

A gift of cash towards our house
would really make our day.

However if you prefer to purchase a gift,
feel free to surprise us in your own way.

We hope you can join us on our wedding day
to celebrate our union in a very special way.

We made a commitment some time ago,
that together through life, we were destined to go.

Most things we need we’ve already got,
like a toaster and kettle, the pans and the pots.

A Wishing Well we thought would be great,
but only if you wish to participate.

So after the “I Do’s” and the wedding bells,
If you like, make a visit to our wishing well.

The love of family and friends,
Gives us happiness that never ends.

Each one of you a special treasure,
That fills our lives with joy and pleasure.

While wedding presents are so nice,
Your presence surely will suffice.

But if you wish to give as well,
Please drop in a token of love
in our wishing well.

We’re on our way to [honeymoon destination]
For a romantic honeymoon.

A holiday for us to share,
That hasn’t come too soon.

So if you’re thinking of a gift
And are not sure what to get,
A monetary gift would help us most
To get us on that jet.

But most of all we’d love you there
On our special day.

To share with us our happiness
And help us celebrate.

We really hope that you can join us
on our special day.

You’ll make our memories complete
in every single way.

We do not have a gift list
and we know you’ll understand
our house & contents are complete
with pots and plates and pans.

But should you really want to give
and celebrate this way,
then we would appreciate your help
to send us on our way.

A contribution to our honeymoon
in a land quite far away.

But most importantly, we request
you come to our wedding as our guest.

To share with us our special day
and have some fun along the way.

We are sending out this invitation
In hope you will join our celebration
But if a gift is your intention
May we take this opportunity to mention
We have already got a kettle and toaster
crockery, dinner mats and matching coasters
So rather than something we’ve already got
We would appreciate money for our honeymoon pot
But most importantly we request
That you come to our wedding as our guest