Here, you will find some Word Doc and inDesign templates provided by my suppliers which will take the hassle out of printing.

Downloading and using these templates is solely at the risk of the user. Each and every printer has its own idiosyncrasies, therefore adjustments and practice runs should be taken into consideration.

Products are listed in alphabetical order. If there’s a product you would like a template for, please contact me and I will try to get my hands on one.

Templates for Eco Luxury Labels, Imprintable Circles and Imprintable Place Cards

 Eco Luxury Label 32mm Circle Eco Luxury Labels – Circle 32mm 32mm-Word-Doc-Template 32mm-inDesign-Template
 Eco Luxury Labels 64mm Circle Eco Luxury Labels – Circle 64mm 64mm-Word-Doc-Template 64mm-inDesign-Template
 Eco Luxury Labels 102mm Circle Eco Luxury Labels – Circle 102mm 102mm-Word-Doc-Template 102mm-inDesign-Template
Eco Luxury Labels 83mm x 51mm Oval Eco Luxury Labels –Oval 83mm x 51mm Oval-Word-Doc-Template Oval-inDesign-Template
Eco Luxury Labels 66.5mm x 25mm Rectangle Eco Luxury Labels – Rectangle 66.5mm x 25mm Rectangle-Small-Word-Doc-Template Rectangle-Small-inDesign-Template
 Eco Luxury Labels 89mm x 51mm Eco Luxury Labels – Rectangle 89mm x 51mm Rectangle-Large-Word-Doc-Template Rectangle-Large-inDesign-Template
Imprintable Place Cards 6Up  Imprintable Place Cards(6up) Imprintable-Place-Cards
 Imprintable Circle  Imprintable Circles135mm Imprintable Circles 135mm


Templates for Gift Tags

 Gift Tags  Gift Tags  Gift Tags  Gift Tags

Templates for Envelope Liners

C6-Envelope-Template Square-Envelope-Template Invitation-Envelope-Template