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How to write the date on your wedding invitations

“Twenty Nineteen” or “Two Thousand and Nineteen” – Wedding Invitation Wording

A few days ago, I received a very HEATED comment on my Instagram feed and thought it would be a good idea to formally address the issue. This person asked why I had printed “Two Thousand and Nineteen” on one of my client’s invitations. Firstly, that’s the wording my client requested and I most definitely like to […] Read more…


What information should I include in my destination passport wedding invitation?

I love making passport invitations for my beautiful couples and no two are the same! I thought it was about time I compiled a list of key elements to include in your invitations. Most of these are optional, but hopefully this list will make things easier for you and your guests when working out how […] Read more…


The difference between reactive foil and hot foil stamping

We all love foil, but what goes on behind the scenes to create a beautifully foiled invitation? There are two methods I’m going to discuss here: Reactive Foil vs Hot Foil Stamping. Below is a table, summarising the pros and cons of each foil method, then I’ll go into the details of how each method works. […] Read more…

NEW Style F Pockets no more envelopes

Style F Pockets – No more envelopes!

Envelopes are now a thing of the past with these awesome new Style “F” pockets!   They are available in over 60 colours and come in two sizes: 120mm x 180mm (only requires 1 postage stamp) and 145mm x 220mm (requires 2 postage stamps). If you still want to put these in an envelope, then […] Read more…

Lava Stationery How to Assemble Invitation Boxes without Glue

How to assemble invitation boxes + Rigid vs Soft Invitation Boxes

Have you ever tried to stuff an invitation, (embellished with a gorgeous flower, feather or brooch) into an envelope and realised that the envelope has warped / it just won’t close or the invitation won’t even fit? For bulky invitations, invitation boxes are a MUST. Invitation boxes are also great for protecting your invitation if you are […] Read more…

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