What information should I include in my destination passport wedding invitation?

I love making passport invitations for my beautiful couples and no two are the same!

Maroon Passport Wedding Invitations with Gold Foil and Sri Lankan Emblem

Maroon Passport Wedding Invitations with Gold Foil and Sri Lankan Emblem

I thought it was about time I compiled a list of key elements to include in your invitations. Most of these are optional, but hopefully this list will make things easier for you and your guests when working out how to make arrangements for your destination wedding.


  1. Decide on the colour! Make it maroon, brown or navy blue for a realistic touch, or a fun colour like hot pink. It’s all about how you want it to integrate with your theme. Here are just a few examples, but the sky’s the limit!
    Choose a colour for your passport invitations
  2. Decide on your emblem. Your emblem can be anything you like! Below are a few examples.
    Emblems to include on your passport wedding invitations

    1. The emblem of your country
    2. The emblem of the destination country
    3. A family crest
    4. Palm trees or some other tropical imagery
    5. A custom wedidng logo, such as your initials in a circle or wreath
    6. Other travel related imagery such as an aeroplane, etc
  3. Decide on your print method.
    1. Digital printing is the most popular choice because:
      Digital printing on passport invitations

      1. It’s the cheapest
      2. You can print a variety of colours & pattern (But not metallic / shiny ink)
      3. It has the fastest turnaround time
    2. White ink is perfect for dark covers. It uses a similar technique to digital printing, but white toner is more expensive.
      White ink printing on passport wedding invitations
    3. Letterpress & Foil: These are the crème de la crème of print methods, but they come at a bigger price and have a longer turnaround time. Although expensive, both these methods create an embossed look in the card.

      Letterpress and foil printing on passport wedding invitations
      Foiling gives you the most realistic passport look because it’s ultra shiny. If you want to know why foiling is so much more expensive, take a look at my last blog post here.

Page 1

This page should be all about the actual day itself.

First page of passport invitations

Most important details to include:

  • The couples’ names
  • Wedding date
  • Wedding time
  • Venue address of the ceremony and reception (if both different)

Pages 2 & 3

Pages 2 & 3 can be a combination of passport stamps, your photo / illustration and other details listed on page 4. You can also include your RSVP details here.

Inside pages of a passport wedding invitation

Page 4 onward

Page 4 onward can include extra information such as:

  1. Events taking place around the wedding. Are you doing any other breakfasts, brunches, lunches or dinners?
  2. A note about what events children can attend
  3. Wedding itinerary for surrounding days. Are there any activities planned like surfing, snorkelling, sailing, golfing, spa day, wine tasting, whitewater rafting, pub crawling, group hiking, ziplining, etc?
  4. Accommodation details. Where are you staying and where can your guests stay? Is there a discount at selected hotels for guests attending your wedding?
  5. Transport information. Some questions to think about
    1. How can your guests get to the accommodation from the airport?
    2. On the wedding day, is there a shuttle bus? Currency exchange information
  6. Contact information of the bride, groom, wedding planner or emergency contacts
  7. Facebook group, hashtag, QR code or website details
  8. A checklist of things to do before the wedding (and things to pack) such as:
    1. Book flights
    2. Organise travel insurance
    3. Bring your real passport
    4. Bring the wedding address written down somewhere
    5. Bring medication
    6. Bring sunscreen
    7. Get immunisations
    8. Book accommodation
    9. Send back RSVP
    10. Bring itinerary
    11. Bring travel money
    12. Bring sunnies, bathers and thongs
    13. Bring drivers licence & ID
    14. Bring insect repellant

 RSVP Card

If you prefer your guests to RSVP via snail mail, choose an RSVP card that matches the theme and colours of your passport.

  1. The RSVP Postcard
    RSVP postcard for a passport destination wedding invitation

    This is a simple A6 postcard where your guests can mail it as is, or put it in an envelope and post back to you.

  2. The RSVP boarding pass
    Boarding Pass RSVP Card for a Destination Wedding

    If you want to stay with the travel theme, you can make your RSVP card into a boarding pass! Guests can return the entire boarding pass, or they can tear off a section, put it in an envelope and post it back to you.

  3. The RSVP bag tag
    RSVP Bag tag for a destination wedding
    This is the cutest and my fave option! Your guests can fill out this bag tag, pop it in a reply envelope and post it back to you. It can be custom designed to match your invitation theme.
I hope this information helps you create the destination passport invitation of your dreams! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me via the contact form.

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