Which navy is right for you?

Navy has become a very popular colour for weddings over the last year or so. It’s one of those colours that is so perfect for classical & elegant events.

Our wee Aussie market sometimes gets left behind with all the new wedding trends, so it’s taken a while for some variety to come our way.

However, Lava is so excited to say that we now offer 5 different types of navy card! There are 3 metallic, and 2 matte finishes available. All of them handle white ink printing and metallic foil beautifully.

Lava Stationery Navy Blue Selection

This picture shows the 5 different types of navy, along with a royal blue card (left-most card) to show the contrast. This was taken outside on a sunny day, so please note that the colours may come across a little darker in person.


Let me introduce you to them…

Glamour Puss Blue Moon (METALLIC)

This is the most expensive out of the lot, but this sophisticated coated paper range is milled by an established and reputable paper mill in Italy and made to the highest environmental standards. It’s a very DARK navy, with a deep rich glittery colour. It’s much closer to black than a royal blue. It’s also 250gsm, so not ultra thick.

  1. Glamour Puss Blue Moon

Crystal Perle Sparkling Blue (METALLIC)

The Sparkling Blue is almost identical to the Glamour Puss Blue Moon. It has that glittery shimmer to it. It too is manufactured in Italy, & has the same rich dark blue colour. However it’s a little thicker at 300gsm. The extra thickness provides a really sturdy base card for your pocket folds and invitation backings. Again, this card is quite a dark blue.

  1. Crystal Perle Sparkling Blue

Classique Metallics Peacock Navy Blue (METALLIC) and NEW

The Classique Metallics Range is super rich in colour and ultra smooth. It weighs at 290gsm which is slightly thinner than the above-mentioned Sparkling Blue, but still thick enough to be a sturdy base to your invitations. What makes this navy different from the others is that it’s lighter in colour. The colour is inbetween a dark navy and a royal blue. It actually shines brighter than a royal blue if you take it outside into a brighter light. If you don’t want your guests to confuse it with black, then it’s the perfect choice.

  1. Classique Metallics Peacock Navy Blue

Eco Grande Navy (MATTE)

Eco Grande Navy is a lovely thick and matte card that works well for rustic events. It is the thickest of all the navy cards (weighing at 308gsm) so foiling on this is perfect. It’s a dark navy, however there is a strong enough colour to tell from a distance that it’s definitely navy and not black. The texture on this card is also ultra smooth, but it’s made from recycled materials (40% PCW recycled pulp and over 10% Bagasse pulp from sugarcane) which means you might see some flecks of recycled bits in it. This is part of the character of the card and not a fault. I use this card for my popular Passport range.

  1. Eco Grande Navy

Keaykolour Original Navy (MATTE) and NEW

The Keaykolour Original (previously known as Keaycolour Antique) range has a navy card that has a very slight texture to it. What makes this card slightly different to the Eco Grande Navy is that it’s thinner at 250gsm and it’s less saturated in colour too. It’s somewhat in between a dark black/grey and navy.

  1. Keaykolour Original Navy

I hope this helps give you an idea of the difference of the navy cards.

If you’re still unsure about which navy card to pick, feel free to order a sample here:

Order Lava Stationery Paper Sample Colours




MATTE COLOURS: http://lavastationery.com.au/samples/paper-colour-samples-solid-matte-colours.html

METALLIC COLOURS: http://lavastationery.com.au/samples/paper-colour-samples-solid-metallics-colours.html

If you have any more questions about them, please let me know!


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