Pearl Textures Collection & Classique Metallics Turquoise

Today I’m testing out some new papers and cards released by Paperglitz. These are 2 different brands of cardstock that are very new to me! Both of these cards are manufactured by a well known paper manufacturer in Italy.

Pearl Textures Collection and Classique Metallics Turquoise














The first is called the “Pearl Textures Collection” which is an off-white metallic card with a textured, embossed pattern running through them.

Within the Pearl Textures collection, there are 3 new patterns:

If you’re looking for a plain metallic card to coordinate with the Pearl Textures range, I found that Crystal Perle Diamond White works the best. The Pearl textures range is somewhere in between Crystal Perle Diamond White and Crystal Perle Arctic White, however the Arctic White can look a bit “yellow” compared to the textured card.

Pearl Textures Collection coordinates well with Crystal Perle Diamond White













These cards are quite different to your regular embossed designer papers, because these can go through your printer. Not to mention, they add an extra dimension to your invitations. Although they were listed as being “laser printer compatible,” I wasn’t sure how well they were going to go through my laser printer so I decided to give them all a go.

Before I move onto the printing results, I just need to mention that the card weight is 215gsm. So although it is thick enough to be labelled as a “cardstock” it isn’t as thick and sturdy as some of the 250gsm+ cards. It can flop around if you wave it in the air – although, does anyone actually do that? If you’re going to stick it onto another layer, that alleviates the sturdiness issue… however this card comes in pockets and other die-cut shapes so I wonder how those will fair as I haven’t tried them yet.

Ok back to printing! The Embossed Silk and the Embossed Satin went through the printer like a DREAM. It was amazing to see such a smooth print on a textured paper.

Embossed Silk:
Printing Result for Pearl Textures Collection Embossed Silk









Embossed Satin:

Printing Result for Pearl Textures Collection Embossed Satin









Sadly, the Embossed Canvas didn’t come out so well in the printer:
Printing result for Pearl Textures Collection Embossed Canvas













The large texture in the paper has deeper grooves in it compared to the others, which means the ink only printed on the superficial areas and couldn’t go deeper. Printer testing IS recommended, so you might find better results on your personal printer. I however, don’t recommend printing on the Embossed Canvas.  It has such a gorgeous subtle texture that I would still use it for invitation projects without printing on it.

Here is a photo of the paper next to my index finger to show the size of the texture in comparison:
Pearl Textures Collection Embossed Canvas Texture Size













The second range I am reviewing is called “Classique Metallics” which is very similar to the “Curious Metallics” range.

There is only one colour introduced so far in the Classique Metallics collection:

The one noticable difference between Classique Metallics and Curious Metallics, is that the Classique Metallics is much thicker and sturdier, weighing at 290gsm. The majority of colours in the Curious Metallics range are only 250gsm but they do have some 300gsm colours.

One other difference that may impact your buying choice is that the Classique Metallics Turquoise has a subtle gold shimmer running through the card. If you’re going for a colour scheme that only has silver tones, it may be a turnoff. The gold shimmer is very similar to that of “Curious Metallics Ice Gold.”

I tested the card through both my black toner laser printer and my white ink laser printer. It faired very well in both. Here are the results below:

Classique Metallics Turquoise Black Ink










Classique Metallics Turquoise White Ink











If you’d like more information on the Pearl Textures Collection or the Classique Metallics range, please send me an email via the contact form!

Thanks for reading :)


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